Private Yacht Cruises

A choice of destinations to suit your interests

M/Y Seven Spices specializes in providing a trully unique private yachting experience. Each cruise is carefully tailored to meet your requirements, whether you are an advanced group of divers wishing to explore the best dive sites or a mixed ability group who would like to try all the activities. Experienced, novices or a mixture of both we shall work with you to provide a cruise itinerary that best fits your group’s abilities and preferred activities whilst being pampered onboard the most luxury mega yacht available in the Red Sea.


  • Scuba Diving Safari

    scuba diving safariThe best dive sites for certified divers

  • Snorkel & Diving Cruise

    snorkel and diving courseFor mixed group of divers and non divers and those wishing to learn to dive

  • Family Cruising

    family cruisingEasy cruising with a bunch of activities to suit the whole family

  • Kite Surfing Cruise

    kite surfing cruiseDestinations suitable for Kite Surfing

  • Mixed Activity Cruise

    mixed activity cruiseMixed ability, mixed activity cruising….

  • Power Sport Cruise

    power sport cruiseDestinations best for power sports…

  • Deep Sea Fishing Cruise

    deep sea fishing cruiseExplore the fishing grounds of one of the world’s deepest seas….

  • Corporate Cruising

    corporate cruisingSpecially designed for Corporate entertaining

  • Private Cruising

    private cruisingWhen privacy and seclusion are paramount